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Get to know the CloudMega team and what powers this great service.

CloudMega.Net is located in Chicago, IL. CloudMega is led by CEO Ian Andrusyk and President Travis Schaffner, both 15-year hosting industry veterans. Most recently Andrusyk and Schaffner held the same top two executive positions at industry leading managed server provider FastServers.Net before selling their managing interests as part of a strategic acquisition in 2008.

The CloudMega.Net brand was formed to provide budget-level hosting options; however, the technology and platform on which these offerings are housed are anything but budget-based. Utilizing portions of the same cutting edge Cloud platform and hardware infrastructure as the company’s enterprise offerings, customers of CloudMega.Net are utilizing technology and a backend unlike almost all others in the hosting industry.

The CloudMega story begins nearly 16 years ago when company co-founder Ian Andrusyk registered the domain name to provide web hosting services in an era when even major web properties such as ESPN were still in their web infancies and Google was but an idea whose time had not yet come. Although the domain name eventually was allowed to change hands over the years, re-acquisition was a primary goal shortly after the formation of CloudMega and brings the founders full circle back to their roots in the hosting industry.

All companies, spanning numerous industries, that have had the names Andrusyk or Schaffner attached to them have one thing in common – excellence. The two work hands on to ensure a level of service not seen from a typical budget hosting provider. The company’s Chicago, IL location allows for unlimited growth potential and allows for the organization to always be on the forefront of the rapidly changing technology that defines the hosting industry.

You’re feedback is always welcomed and encouraged. Visit our contact page or simply drop a note to We look forward to working with all of our customers as their partner in future success.


We believe it’s important to be able to know the team you’ll be entrusting your hosting needs to. Below you’ll find just a little bit about both the professional accomplishments, but also the personal interests of the CloudMega.Net leadership team.


    Ian Andrusyk founded his first hosting company in 1997, a time in which the industry was in its infancy. During the past 15 years, he has overseen the formation, acquisitions, growth, and sale of multiple successful companies in the industry. Most recently he sat atop the helm of FastServers Inc., one of the leading managed dedicated server companies at its time before being acquired in a strategic acquisition in 2008.

    Andrusyk has always led in an aggressive style that believes in both being among the first to make new technology and options available to customers, while also ensuring that an almost unparalleled level of service and support won’t be compromised.

    He has been featured numerous times in various industry and business magazines as well as national newspapers such as the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune. Andrusyk’s favorite public moments however are his ability to interact directly with people via various keynote addresses and round table discussions to groups ranging from the hosting industry to local commerce organizations.

    Outside of the hosting industry, Andrusyk’s ventures range from his co-ownership of a popular north side Chicago craft beer pub to a company that owns and manages commercial real estate. Always training for his next marathon, in his spare time Andrusyk loves running events, boating, biking and following his sports teams as aggressively as he leads his companies.

    Andrusyk invests everything he has into both his hobbies and his work. Customers of CloudMega will know they are part of an organization that is led and managed with an unrelenting passion for excellence at all times.


    A Chicago native, 3rd degree Hapkido black belt, and DePaul Alumni; Miguel Villegas brings to CloudMega 7 years experience in the web hosting industry. Miguel possesses a strong value in customer service and sales, which he is well known for. He has worked with clients from around the globe from big corporations, to new developing Website owners. His commitment always has been listen to a clients needs and provide them with a viable solution to ensure success. Our clients are our priority and to Miguel there are no exceptions.


    Co-founder of CloudMega.Net, this Iowa born native is better known as the tech guru/prodigy of our generation amongst friends. Having created two successful web hosting companies in the past, Travis Schaffner is also the proud creator of The WormHole Coffee shop and Half Wit Roaster in Wicker Park Chicago. When he is not grinding coffee, you can find him at our CloudMega Inc home offices tapping away at his key board.

    He is the mastermind behind CloudMega.Net’s unique Cloud based systems and therefore can be the sole person to blame if you experience any support issues. Travis absolutely takes all client reviews and feedback seriously. He believes it is crucial to possess excellent customer service and report with clients in order to run a successful business. Perhaps this is his secret to all of his success.

    Did we forget to mention that he owns a hip bakery called Fritz Pastries, and plays Magic the Gathering in his off time? What a gem!